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Circular fashion and second-hand luxury are two interconnected concepts that are gaining traction in the fashion industry, as they promote sustainability, reduce waste, and offer new possibilities for our consumers.


Relovluxe truly cares for their customers, the number one reason that drive us to do what we do - is seeing our customers happy. Everyday we receive emails from our customers that when our customers are happy, it brings a sense of fulfillment and success, a feeling like we as a team have put a smile one someones face today.


We truly believe in giving back to the world, this is why, by the year 2025 we want to donate 3% of our revenue to a charity to help children around the world that work in fast fashion (the more we will grow throughout the years, the more we will give back). As we promote circular fashion and sustainability, what would our business be without giving back to others?


you do contribute to the futur of our planet by purchasing pre loved, our little plus, is that we ensure our best to help the world with this small donation.


Stay tuned for more information about that to come.


Circular fashion, also known as the circular economy in fashion, is a holistic approach that aims to redefine the fashion industry's traditional linear model of "take-make-dispose." Instead, it focuses on creating a closed-loop system where materials and products are reused, recycled, or upcycled to minimize waste and environmental impact.


One important aspect of circular fashion is the promotion of second-hand luxury. Luxury fashion items, such as designer clothing, accessories, and shoes, have a timeless appeal and are often built to last. Second-hand luxury refers to the buying and selling of pre-owned luxury items, allowing them to be given a second life.


There are several key benefits associated with circular fashion and second-hand luxury. Firstly, they contribute to reducing the fashion industry's significant environmental footprint. By extending the lifespan of fashion items, the demand for new production is reduced, which in turn reduces the consumption of natural resources, energy, and water, as well as the generation of waste and pollution.


Second-hand luxury also provides an opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to access high-quality, well-crafted pieces at more affordable prices. Luxury items are often associated with exclusivity and high price points, making them inaccessible to many consumers. However, the second-hand market allows individuals to own luxury fashion items without paying the full retail price (in the case of Hermes often above retail, but if you are reading this you surely know why a Birkin and Kelly is more expensive on resell market - if not, stay tuned on our instagram for educational lives about luxury brands @relovluxe), making luxury fashion more inclusive and sustainable.


Moreover, embracing circular fashion and second-hand luxury promotes a shift in consumer mindset. It encourages individuals to rethink their relationship with fashion, valuing quality, durability, and longevity over fast, disposable trends. This change in perspective can help reduce the demand for fast fashion and promote more conscious and thoughtful consumption habits.




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